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Black sneaker box for boys and girls

$ 54.00

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$ 54.00
SKU: 9B0388GK9

JORDAN Jordan sneakers are so precious, which is why the Jordan Shoebox bag was created with a padded design to keep your shoes in excellent condition during transport. The garment has a zip closure and a transparent pocket for a lost postcard. This item is hand washed. Spring summer season.


You can make your return request within 15 working days. Any defects in the items must be promptly reported within 72 working hours after receiving the order by writing an email to All items are delivered with an authenticity tag attached to the garment using a disposable security seal with the Pavidas logo. If necessary, the garment can be tried without removing the tag and without tampering the guarantee seal.  


STANDARD DELIVERY IN EU – 15 EURO  The estimated delivery period will vary between 5-6 working days.

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