Women's top with long-sleeved lead-coloured ribs

€ 25.00 -30% € 17.50

€ 17.5
SKU: MGLW22030035

LEGEA a ribbed top is an item of sports clothing, characterized by a functional and stylistic design. The term "ribbed" refers to the texture of the fabric. Ribs are raised stripes or lines that run along the fabric, usually vertically. This texture not only adds an interesting aesthetic element but can also provide greater elasticity and a better fit. Legea tops are designed taking into account both functionality and style. They can feature bright colors and distinctive designs, typical of the Legea brand. Some styles may include details such as a brand logo, contrasting trims, or mesh inserts for added breathability. These tops usually have a snug but comfortable fit, designed to move with the body during physical activity. The fit can be optimized to support freedom of movement, which is essential in many sports. Overall, a ribbed Legea top combines quality, comfort and style, making it a popular piece in both sporty and casual environments. The model wears a size S and is 170cm tall. It can be easily washed at a low temperature. Autumn winter season.


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